P. D. Bridge, D. K. Arora, C. A. Reddy, R. P. Elander's Applications of PCR in Mycology PDF

By P. D. Bridge, D. K. Arora, C. A. Reddy, R. P. Elander

ISBN-10: 0851992331

ISBN-13: 9780851992334

Polymerase chain response (PCR), a robust procedure for amplifying DNA fragments, has had a tremendous effect on study all through biology. This e-book discusses the wide-ranging functions of PCR in natural and utilized mycology.

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1994). 2 Source of DNA An extensive search of literature from the past 5 years shows that most instances of the use of PCR in the cloning of fungal genes have used genomic DNA as a template. Since neither high quantities nor high quality of DNA are needed, a number of simple and rapid protocols can be used for DNA extraction. , 1995). 3 Primer design Design of primers is one of the key steps in the successful cloning of a gene. However, no absolute rules can be given that will guarantee the amplification of the desired fragment in sufficient quantities.

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