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By G. Brook-Shepherd

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13 As a more tangible bait, Pap en promised the publication of an agreed joint declaration after the meeting in which the basic principles of the July 1936 Pact would again be reaffirmed. Schuschnigg probably did not believe all of these promises ; yet neither did he need them. Not only had he made up his mind already, without Papen's persuasion, to go to Berchtesgaden; he now began, entirely on his own initiative, to work out during the four days that remained a fresh series of 'maximum concessions' , going beyond the 'Little Programme', to take there with him.

Conveyed to the FUhrer, they were like ten bullets fired into the Austrian delegation. Duly conveyed they were, and in typically Viennese fashion. The Ten Points had been drawn up in draft form by Zematto on the moming of February II, and were laid before Seyss-Inquart that afternoon at the headquarters of the 'Fatherland Front'. These discussions - in which only the Chancellor, Seyss and Zematto took part - dragged. on with interruptions until 9 o'clock that night and, during one of these pauses, Seyss-Inquart summoned one of his colleagues, a certain Dr.

Hitler seemed at a loss to know how best to exploit the opening and once, during this period of indecision, asked von Neurath somewhat helplessly what he would do 'if the meeting produced no results'. D 23 The Anschluss Schuschnigg, for his part, dreaded the thought like a visit to a jungle dentist, and was only prepared to go, with heavy heart and feet, for the same reasons of dire necessity. He later described his acceptance of Hitler's invitation as 'one of the most painful and difficult decisions of my whole life'.

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