Download e-book for kindle: Advances in Ephemeroptera Biology by D. Dudley Williams (auth.), John F. Flannagan, K. Eric

By D. Dudley Williams (auth.), John F. Flannagan, K. Eric Marshall (eds.)

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24). Other characters that may have split this lineage and its sister group from a common ancestor are shown in Table 1. Genus A and Genus B are known only from nymphs. The MeridiaZaris lineage includes MeridiaZaris, MassarteZZopsis, new Genus E, AtaZophZebioides and the Australian "AtaZophZebioides". Compared to the other lineages, the nymphs of the MeridiaZaris lineage possess the more derived, apically divergent clypeus (Figs. 20 and 22), short labrum (Figs. 20 and 22), distinctly angular mandibles (Fig.

Americana Kukalova 1968, Pl. 29), is darkly pigmented, distinct, and even fluted. However, the wing pads are damaged by the irregular splitting of the rock. The venation shown by Kukalova (1968, Fig. 2) is the composite of the obverse and the (unfigured) reverse. In spite of the fact that the venation on the photograph looks like that figured, we believe that the split of the rock and perhaps an indetectable slip within the wing membrane may have masked the true, typically protereismatoid venation.

Habro- Herein I designate the above eight genera to represent the subfamily Leptophlebiinae Banks. The remaining known extant genera of Leptophlebiidae are herein placed in a NEW SUBFMULY Atalophlebiinae Peters (Fig. 3). Table 1 presents character states delineating each daughter line leading to these subfamilies. Table 1. Character Character states of Figure 1. Character state in "An Character state in liB" Styliger plate of cf • deeply cleft or deeply cleft ventrally. o fused. Composition of brush on anterior margin of maxillae.

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Advances in Ephemeroptera Biology by D. Dudley Williams (auth.), John F. Flannagan, K. Eric Marshall (eds.)

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