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The organism is delincd sirie desdilldrentesorganisations vationson the reproduction of polyps by propagation,and bv his of plant Iice. clrvnobscrvationson the parthcnogenesis as a syst cmof or gans in a r clat ion of cir cular r ccipr ocit v. 'f hese organsare determinglbv thcir actions in such a wav that thc I am not i-ct makingthe difliculty plainenough:it lics not only in organism is a svst cm of f br ces r at her t han a svst emol or gans. " It is easvto sec the orgaoicparts,and in virtuc of which thev all conspiretorn,ard samcgcncralgoal- bv which I mean,thel form that unity vr,hich among u'hv imagesof thc circle and sphereenjovedsuch prestiger r ecipr ocit v ol R oma nt ic nat ur alist srt he cir cle r cpr cscnt st he onecallsan animal,that organizcdwholc lvhichlives,grorvs,feels, meansand endsat the organlevel,thc sphcrcrcprcsentsthe totalitv, individual or universal,oforganic forms and fbrccs.

Vie," Encr,clopaedia,pp. h a i c h a ra c tc ri z e sli l e i s not so much thc cxistcnccofthe life functions tlremselvesas thcir gradualdctcrior at ion and u l ti m a te c e s s a ti o n l. rscarchfbr an irrefutablc sign of lifc, to mutantstemporarilvmorc llt than their compctitors to occupv a certain ecological context. r'ivors as rvell. I t is as if , af t cr a cer t aint im e, it ner c t hc dut v ol'individuals to disappear,to rcvcrt to the statusol incrt matter. In Freucl'smind this iclearvasassociatcduith encrgcti ci st concept sof lif c and ol't he psvchicpr ocesses, I f a living thing i!

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