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By Clifford Alan Hooker

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For those who have other preferences I offer the following remarks. 2. The remaining essay material is largely concerned with developing specific doctrines. 4. To all and sundry (especially students): I employ (or perhaps deploy) end notes, properly speaking, not footnotes. These are often substantial and are in pursuit of twin aims: (1) to move out from the text into the wider tapestry of issues, often attacking and qualifying as I go, while keeping the text relatively more straightforward and (2) to provide a reading background so that various themes, side issues and debates can be followed up if desired.

Methodology and Systematic Philosophy", Basic Problems in Methodology & Linguistics, Butts, R. /Hintikka, J. 3-23. Copyright 1976 by D. Reidel Publishing Company, Drodrecht, Holland. "Surface Dazzle, Ghostly Depths: An Exposition and Critical Evaluation of van Fraassen's Vindication of Empiricism Against Realism", Images of Science, Churchland, P. /Hooker, C. A. (eds), pp. 153-196. A. "Understanding and Control: An Essay on the Structural Dynamics of Human Cognition", Man-Environment Systems, Vol.

Applied Science Scientific Method . . . . . . . . . . Public Policy Page 5 In this way the deeper underlying structure of what I was taught was empiricist while the immediate content often denounced empiricism. Worse, the deeper structure was often not announced, being rather 'shown' in the form of the content (which concepts were used and not, which arguments were even formulated, let alone criticized and so on). It took me some time to work my way out of this 'knot'.

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