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Zinc sulj^hate. d . 1098-1179) (sec Vol. I). * The origin of the le ‘Galician stone’ was unknown to Kopp,^® who says green vitriol was often callled ‘green Galician stone’; Lippmann thought it was derived from Galicia in Spain, which has a shrine of St. James of Compostela, and has tin mines. The ‘yellow coperose’ mentioned in English medical works of about 1400^^ was propably not white vitriol but effloresced and partly oxidised green vitriol, although it is said^* that white vitriol was made at Raibl in Carinthia before 1400.

Tr. £. , 241 f. * Thomson, (i), i, 223; Thorndike, vii, 258-61. * que in later eds. * PhU. , 1674, ix, 187; Ferguson, i, 70, says the two books were first issued in 1674. * Ferguson, i, 170. BARBA 41 when Henrique Guarces, a Portuguese, recognised the ore, which was then carried to Mexico for use in silver refining. Mercury so made was used at Potosi from 1571. In the process described by Acosta and Herrera the cinnabar was stamped and heated in luted clay pots over a grass fire, the mercury condensed on the upper part being removed when cold after opening the pot.

Richter, Vita GeorgH Agricolae, Annabel^, 1755 (not seen); Sarton, Isis, 1929, xiii, 113; 1931, xv, 227; Saverien, 1773, viii, 1; Tliomson, (1), i, 219; O. Vogel, Stahl undEisen, 1916, xxxvi, 405; Wiegleb, (i), 1792, 164. TECHNOLOGICAL AGRICOLA TREATISES Greece. ib er Q vinqve de Mensuris & ponderibus, 8°, Paris, 1533; sm. : D e mensuris & ponderibus Rom anonim atque Grascorum. L ib . V . D e extem is mensuris & ponderibus. L ib . I L A d ea, q u ^ Andreas Alciatus denuo disputavit de mensuris & ponderibus, brevis defensio.

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