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By John Moore, Richard H. Langley

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A ideal Plan for the precise Score

We wish you to be successful in your AP* examination. That's why we've created this 5-step plan that can assist you learn extra successfully, use your instruction time properly, and get your top rating. This easy-to-follow consultant provide you with a whole overview of your AP direction, concepts to provide you the sting on try day, and lots of perform with AP-style try out questions. You'll sharpen your topic wisdom, improve your pondering abilities, and construct your test-taking self assurance with
* Full-length perform assessments modeled at the actual try * the entire phrases and ideas you want to recognize to get your most sensible rating * Your collection of 3 custom-made examine schedules--so you could decide the one who meets your wishes
The 5-Step Plan is helping you get the main from your research time:
Step 1: organize Your examine Program
Step 2: confirm Your Readiness
Step three: boost the Strategies
Step four: assessment the Knowledge
Step five: construct Your Confidence

Topics include: Reactions and Periodicity, Stoichiometry, Gases, Thermodynamics, Spectroscopy, mild, and Electrons, Bonding, Solids, drinks, and Intermolecular Forces, suggestions and Colligative houses, Kinetics, Equilibrium, Electrochemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, and natural Chemistry
Also includes: AP Chemistry perform exams

*AP, complex Placement application, and faculty Board are registered emblems of the varsity front exam Board, which was once now not fascinated by the creation of, and doesn't advise, this product.

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If a sample of He effuses at a rate of 30 mol per hour at 45°C, which of the gases below will effuse at approximately one-half the rate under the same conditions? (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) CH4 O3 N2 H2 CO Chapter 9 Choose from the following types of energy for questions 24–27. (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) free energy lattice energy kinetic energy activation energy ionization energy 24. The energy required to produce a gaseous cation from a gaseous atom in the ground state 25. The average ____________ is the same for any ideal gas at a given temperature.

Determine Your Test Readiness 45. Which molecule or ion in the following list has the greatest number of unshared electron pairs around the central atom? (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) SO2 CO32− XeF2 CF4 H2O 46. What types of hybridization of carbon are in the compound acetic acid, CH3COOH? 3 I. sp II. sp2 III. sp (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) I, II, and III I only I and II II and III II only Chapter 12 Choose from the following descriptions of solids for questions 47–50. (A) composed of atoms held together by delocalized electrons (B) composed of molecules held together by intermolecular dipole–dipole interactions (C) composed of positive and negative ions held together by electrostatic attractions (D) composed of macromolecules held together by strong bonds (E) composed of molecules held together by intermolecular London forces 47.

B—Since all the molalities are the same, look for the one that produces the most ions. Take a Diagnostic Exam ❮ 29 Chapter 14 Chapter 16 61. E—Add the equations and cancel anything that appears on both sides of the reaction arrows. 76. C—10 I (aq) + 16 H (aq) + 2 MnO4 (aq) 2+ → 2 Mn (aq) + 8 H2O(l) + 5 I2(s) 62. B—Definition. 77. 20 moles 63. C—The table shows second order in chlorine dioxide and first order in hydroxide ion. 78. D—The cell must be nonstandard. This could be due to variations in temperature (not 25°C) or concentrations (1M) that are not standard.

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